Project Management Quality management system

Project Management and Quality System combined

SIMPLI Project is a work area for projects or units that take care of management needs for quality, environment and HSE.

There are many tools for project management, but few or no others combine this with quality management.

SIMPLI Project allows you to create your own areas or project rooms for project management where all processes and related documents from the management system are available.

Versatile project managing tool

It can be used for construction projects, production of documents, software development, product production, chain stores and much more.

You have access to the SIMPLI Manage Process Card, with associated documentation, with local resources such as risks, requirements, checklists and tasks. In addition, project types and templates are built with local resources so that the creation of new project rooms is very fast and efficient. It is therefore very easy to create a new project when you need it.

For those who have large projects over a long period of time, one project may have more sister rooms that belong together.

Functionalities in SIMPLI Project

  • Graphic process card inherited from the main system and associated
    process description, governing documents, templates and activities
  • Management and sharing of local project documentation
  • Setup of your own document structure for sharing both documents and communication in the project
  • Deviation reports are linked to the project
  • Project-related risk management for quality, environment and HSE
  • Follow-up on project-related laws and requirements
  • Checklists with rights-directed check-out.
  • Task lists and gantt chart for display of progress (which can be synchronized with Outlook and MS Project)
  • Role filtering filters out all information relevant to my chosen role or position
  • Document plan with checklists and document checker for document production.
  • My page with an overview of all the information you own in the project
  • Project overview with indicators for all projects of management
  • Project types an project templates
  • Provide access to external users (This depend on where you want to run the system.)

SIMPLI Project is an optional feature that is run as part of SIMPLI Manage.