App foregistration of non-conformeties deviations, events and checklists

Registration of deviations, events and checklists in SIMPLI app

Using SIMPLI App, employees can record events, discrepancies, and enhancements on the move. The message is sent directly into the system – to the correct case manager.

Our customers use the application as an add-on for accessibility in their improvement work. A simplified process for reporting may increase the number of registered items.

SIMPLI App can also be used for simple checklists, such as for work done or to document directly into the system during a safety inspection. All data entered into the application can be retrieved, both as list view in the system and in Excel where desired.


  • The messages can be tagged with GPS location
  • You can enter data even if you are offline
  • You can attach a picture to the message

The application is run from mobile devices to report events and deviations into SIMPLI Better, our Deviation and Improvement System. The application is very flexible and can be set up to input data in all areas of our systems.

Available on iOS and Android

SIMPLI App is available on Google Play and in the App Store and can be installed on any mobile device running on Android or iOS.

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