Quality Management System

Complete Quality Management system!

SIMPLI Manage gives your business a complete management system for quality, HSE, environment and other standards. The system is developed on SharePoint and works seamlessly with the Microsoft Office suite.

SIMPLI Manage makes it easy for you to build a well-functioning system of leadership, management and quality – in one single management system.
Our management system has been further developed with our customers for many years. This  has lead to a graphical interface focusing on being simple, user-friendly and useful. It is therefore flexible for use in different industries and organizations.

Updated system

We also update our systems when new standards and updated legislation come. By 2018, GDPR is an important focus area for many, and our system has features that make it possible to meet demands from both new personal data in GDPR and information security according to ISO 27001.

User-friendliness is ensured in the system, because all features of the management system are built around a graphical and clickable process card.

SIMPLI’s management system facilitates compliance with all requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, Eco-Lighthouse, ISO 45001 (OHSAS 18001) and Norwegian HSE legislation.

What does SIMPLI Manage contain?

  • Graphic Process Card
  • Document management
  • Risk Management
  • Claim
  • Scorecard
  • Competence
  • Internal Control
  • Version control
  • Deviation / event handling
  • Improvement

Features of SIMPLI Manage

As previously mentioned, the Process Card is the core of SIMPLI Manage. Here, all employees find their processes with accompanying documents, templates, risks, goals, links and activities. In the process card you have the option to enter the process as both text, image, video, etc.

Document management in the tool allows steering documents to undergo a fixed process based on set criteria. Based on their template, documents are sent for consultation and authentication. Finished approved documents are published directly in the process card – either as Word or PDF.

Risk management in the tool allows you to work systematically with risk-reducing measures to simply reduce their risk. The company’s risk is exposed in a standard matrix.

Version control. All areas of SIMPLI Manage are covered by our version control, which allows you to easily see changes made in everything from a single risk element to documents. This feature makes it easy to recover old documents.

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