System for handling deviations and improvements

System for handling deviations and improvements

SIMPLI Better assures your business an overview of case management in a straightforwardly deviation system.

This tool easily manages all registered issues through specific paths according to how they are categorized – with associated notifications and aggregations.

The forms dynamically change from the case manager’s choice with user-friendly sheet tabs. This function increases user-friendliness and makes the case processing structured and transparent.

Associates deviations, measures and verifications

In case of non-reported discrepancies, the prosecutor may create one or more measures that can be re-assigned to the responsible person. Once an error has been processed, you can add a verification. This means that the person in charge will receive a reminder on a specific date to verify or evaluate if what was done to close the case has worked purposefully.

Good integrations to Excel

As SIMPLI Better is built in SharePoint, it is also well integrated with Microsoft Excel. This powerful option allows you to create your own Excel sheets that are automatically updated with new information from the database – thus always presenting updated forms and graphs.

With predefined graphs and overviews, your business management can uncover both trends and problem areas with just one keystroke.


SIMPLI Better comes with several tools to extract both text-based and visual reports. These can be customized as fixed menus and used by everyone.

SIMPLI Better is predefined by the way most businesses run a discrepancy system or an improvement system. If your business wishes to customize this setup, we can easily assist you with this.

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